Since I was a kid I was playing around with cameras and taking pictures of everything I saw. The older I got, the better my equipment got, the more my focus went to specific kinds of photography. I always had a fascination for extreme weather. It didn't take long to figure out how to make pictures of lightning and that became my new hobby. As years passed by I got better equipment and better results, to that point that I had a nice portfolio to show! Make sure to check out a nice selection of my best shots over the years!

Another passion of mine is traveling. I love to see the world, with a slight preference of the United States. I made so many trips that I literally have tens of thousands of photos stored on my harddrives. I'll make a good selection of them and you can see them right now, here on my website!

I did it back in 2007 but I started doing it again. Urban Exploring. It's a very interesting but stressful hobby. The goal is to find and enter abandoned buildings to make the most artistic photos and videos as possible. Some occasional 'Ghost Hunting' adds to the fun. We take 'the rules' very serious though, "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints"!

As I said before, I love visiting the United States! Especially the Western states intrigues me. Well let's call it more of an addiction. I dig Los Angeles so much that I started reading so much about that city just to get to know it better. I visited many times and will keep doing that for sure! Like many cities, Los Angeles changed a lot over time. I love to illustrate those changes by aligning old and recent aerial photos very precisely, and with a bit of code (thanks to Juxtapose), you can now slide over aerials to see the differences! How cool is that?!